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First Grade
Second Grade
Men's Greater Northern Cup
Midland Tractors T20 Cup
Cricket North Female Competition
Under 12 Rookies
Third Grade
Over 40
Under 14
Under 15
Under 18
Under 13
Kookaburra Women's Greater Northern Cup
1 Smith, DanielLaunceston Cricket Club1000000000000
2 Jayasinghe, Sisitha USouth Launceston Cricket Club1000000000000
3 Moore, KobeWestbury Shamrocks Cricket Club 0100000000000
4 Lynch, Cameron JLaunceston Cricket Club1000000000000
5 White, Clayde TLaunceston Cricket Club1000000000000
6 Waller, Tom ASouth Launceston Cricket Club1000000000000
7 Jackson, Benjamin ASouth Launceston Cricket Club1000000000000
8 Bennett, Thomas CLaunceston Cricket Club1000000000000
9 O'Byrne, Shane DMowbray Cricket Club0000000100000
10 Richardson, Wayne GMowbray Cricket Club0000000100000
11 Claxton, Timothy mWestbury Shamrocks Cricket Club 0100000000000
12 Jillett, Damien JLaunceston Cricket Club0100000000000
13 Tucker, SamuelLaunceston Cricket Club0000000100000
14 Smith, Rowan WLaunceston Cricket Club1000000000000
15 Rist, AnthonyLaunceston Cricket Club0000000100000
16 Joyce, Glenn ALaunceston Cricket Club0000000100000
17 Glover, Nicholas PLaunceston Cricket Club0000000100000
18 Clayton, Ross KLaunceston Cricket Club0000000100000
19 Hume, Kieren EWestbury Shamrocks Cricket Club 0100000000000
20 Jackson, Jeremy PSouth Launceston Cricket Club1000000000000
21 Woods, Matthew SLaunceston Cricket Club0100000000000
22 Dodson, LawrenceLaunceston Cricket Club0100000000000
23 Philip, NathanSouth Launceston Cricket Club1000000000000
24 McLaren, Liam JLaunceston Cricket Club0100000000000
25 Carter, NathanSouth Launceston Cricket Club0000000000000
26 Oldenhof, Zachary JLaunceston Cricket Club1000000000000
27 Taylor, AlistairLaunceston Cricket Club1000000000000
28 Kerrison, AlexWestbury Shamrocks Cricket Club 0100000000000
29 Freestone, JoshSouth Launceston Cricket Club1000000000000
30 Jarrad, Brodie ASouth Launceston Cricket Club1000000000000
31 Young, JacksonSouth Launceston Cricket Club1000000000000
32 Reeves, Justin MMowbray Cricket Club0100000000000
33 Gray, ThomasLaunceston Cricket Club1000000000000
34 Humphrey, Benjamin JLaunceston Cricket Club1000000000000
35 Townend, CodyLaunceston Cricket Club0100000000000
36 Harris, SeanSouth Launceston Cricket Club1000000000000
37 Kidd, Ben SRiverside Cricket Club0100000000000
38 Hayes, SpencerMowbray Cricket Club0100000000000
39 Reeve, William CCressy Cricket Club 0000000001000
40 Lee, JamesSouth Launceston Cricket Club1000000000000
41 Beattie, James SSouth Launceston Cricket Club1000000000000
42 Tubb, William KCressy Cricket Club 0000000001000
43 Tubb, Alex DCressy Cricket Club 0000000001000
44 Williams, KalebWestbury Shamrocks Cricket Club 0100000000000
45 Older, LiamRiverside Cricket Club0100000000000
46 Geard, LochieMowbray Cricket Club0100000000000
47 Price, JesseMowbray Cricket Club0100000000000
48 Lockhart, StuartMowbray Cricket Club0000000100000
49 McIntee, TomasLaunceston Cricket Club0100000000000
50 Ryan, Liam CWestbury Shamrocks Cricket Club 0100000000000
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Total Records: 119   Page: 1 of 3   Go to:Prev   <[1 2 3]>Next
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Number of matches played Not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout matches). If the "Include Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout Matches" tickbox is selected, then these match types will be included, but only if a team was selected.