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Batting Partnerships

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1209 Jonty Nicolson - Lachlan Clark Mowbray Cricket ClubUnder 147 1 South Launceston
2178 Brodie Jarrad - Nathan Carter South Launceston Cricket ClubSecond Grade1 1 George Town
3147 Rhys Watson - sagar chhetri Mowbray Cricket ClubSecond Grade8 1 Launceston
4111 Shane Baker - Jade King George Town Cricket Club Third Grade10 1 South Launceston
5106 Ben Bodha - Jonathon LeFevre Mowbray Cricket ClubFirst Grade8 1 Ulverstone
695 Nathan Philip - Charles Tindall South Launceston Cricket ClubFirst Grade13 1 Mowbray
7134 darcy noone - Sam Ransom Riverside Cricket ClubUnder 151 1 South Launceston
8113 Corey Briggs - Jonathon Chapman Westbury Shamrocks Cricket Club First Grade14 1 Mowbray
942 Sean Stevenson - Nicholas Spencer Westbury Shamrocks Cricket Club First Grade3 1 Burnie
1062 Rowan Smith - Clayde White Launceston Cricket ClubFirst Grade13 1 Riverside

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