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1158 Jesse Digney - Dominic Barrett Westbury Shamrocks Cricket Club Third Grade1 1 South Launceston
2118 Ryley Sanders - Lachlan Clark Mowbray Cricket ClubUnder 13 Division 12 1 Riverside
3137 Alec Smith - Jeremy Jackson South Launceston Cricket ClubFirst Grade1 1 Westbury
4132 Dylan Baker - Wayne Nunn George Town Cricket Club Fourth Grade11 1 Launceston
5156 Jonty Manktelow - Joel Lloyd Westbury Shamrocks Cricket Club Third Grade4 1 George Town
6103 Sam Canny - Aaron Hughes Mowbray Cricket ClubThird Grade12 1 South Launceston
763 Leigh Barrett - Brody Earley George Town Cricket Club Fourth Grade13 1 Mowbray
8743 Darren Price - Aaron Hughes Mowbray Cricket ClubSecond Grade2 1 Westbury
960 Benjamin Humphrey - Henry Grove Launceston Cricket ClubSecond Grade1 1 Riverside
1059 Matthew Woods - Clayde White Launceston Cricket ClubFirst Grade8 1 Devonport

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