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 PlayerClubMatchesSorted descending. Click again to sort ascending.Points
1 Smith, AlecSouth Launceston Cricket Club15185.70
2 Howe, Richard PWestbury Shamrocks Cricket Club 1596.00
3 Anderson, DaneWestbury Shamrocks Cricket Club 1595.40
4 Taylor, Alistair CLaunceston Cricket Club1282.80
5 Jackson, Jeremy PSouth Launceston Cricket Club1471.50
6 Smith, Rowan WLaunceston Cricket Club1470.00
7 Gray, ThomasLaunceston Cricket Club1364.50
8 Young, Casey MSouth Launceston Cricket Club1458.70
9 Sundra, RameshRiverside Cricket Club1456.40
10 Hume, Kieren EWestbury Shamrocks Cricket Club 1556.00
11 Hunt, BaileyRiverside Cricket Club955.40
12 Scott, Luke AMowbray Cricket Club1452.00
13 Chapman, JonathonWestbury Shamrocks Cricket Club 1351.20
14 Bennett, Thomas CLaunceston Cricket Club1251.10
15 LeFevre, JonathonMowbray Cricket Club1450.60
16 Waller, Tom ASouth Launceston Cricket Club1547.00
17 Stevenson, Sean AWestbury Shamrocks Cricket Club 1245.90
18 New, PeterRiverside Cricket Club1445.30
19 Battle, MatthewWestbury Shamrocks Cricket Club 1144.40
20 chhetri, sagarMowbray Cricket Club1241.60
21 Young, Jack OSouth Launceston Cricket Club1339.90
22 Kerrison, AlexWestbury Shamrocks Cricket Club 1539.60
23 Lockhart, Connor IMowbray Cricket Club1438.90
24 Wood, OliverRiverside Cricket Club1138.30
25 Eastoe, CharlesSouth Launceston Cricket Club937.30
26 Lynch, Cameron JLaunceston Cricket Club1337.10
27 Young, JacksonSouth Launceston Cricket Club1536.80
28 Foster, WilliamSouth Launceston Cricket Club1036.80
29 Freeman, Jarrod AMowbray Cricket Club736.50
30 Saunders, Alex GRiverside Cricket Club1336.20
31 Curran, JamesLaunceston Cricket Club1236.10
32 Pooley, Rohan CMowbray Cricket Club1035.70
33 Jones, JonathanMowbray Cricket Club935.50
34 Oldenhof, Zachary JLaunceston Cricket Club1435.50
35 Reeves, Justin MMowbray Cricket Club834.20
36 Woods, Matthew SLaunceston Cricket Club1332.20
37 Badham, LukeLaunceston Cricket Club1030.90
38 Lidsey, MichaelRiverside Cricket Club1330.80
39 Peck, Callum David GrantMowbray Cricket Club1330.30
40 Garwood, Thomas WRiverside Cricket Club1330.00
41 White, Clayde TLaunceston Cricket Club1430.00
42 Stubbs, LyndonRiverside Cricket Club1428.40
43 Fraser, CampbellWestbury Shamrocks Cricket Club 927.50
44 Newland, LachlanLaunceston Cricket Club1027.00
45 Dakin, Jared ASouth Launceston Cricket Club1226.40
46 Williams, JakeWestbury Shamrocks Cricket Club 1425.50
47 Watson, RhysMowbray Cricket Club1224.20
48 Philip, NathanSouth Launceston Cricket Club423.60
49 Jordan, Alex MMowbray Cricket Club922.70
50 Cassidy, BlakeMowbray Cricket Club1022.40
51 Parkin, NathanWestbury Shamrocks Cricket Club 920.90
52 Ryan, Liam CWestbury Shamrocks Cricket Club 720.60
53 Humphrey, Benjamin JLaunceston Cricket Club820.60
54 Nutting, Mark RSouth Launceston Cricket Club1420.10
55 Tyson, JamesWestbury Shamrocks Cricket Club 1118.60
56 Beattie, James SSouth Launceston Cricket Club617.80
57 Bennett, FletcherLaunceston Cricket Club815.10
58 Homan, JesseRiverside Cricket Club714.80
59 Garwood, Nicholas CRiverside Cricket Club814.80
60 Lockett, SamRiverside Cricket Club914.70
61 Scott, SolomonRiverside Cricket Club1113.70
62 Smith, JeremyLaunceston Cricket Club213.50
63 Rawlings, DominicLaunceston Cricket Club313.40
64 Kooran, Jacob EliasWestbury Shamrocks Cricket Club 313.30
65 Hunt, MaxRiverside Cricket Club611.40
66 Kharwadkar, Nikhil NRiverside Cricket Club410.10
67 Freeman, SamuelMowbray Cricket Club69.10
68 Weedon, Shae LWestbury Shamrocks Cricket Club 58.40
69 Mason, JaredWestbury Shamrocks Cricket Club 88.20
70 Banks, HarrisonLaunceston Cricket Club47.60
71 Hayes, SpencerMowbray Cricket Club56.10
72 Midson, LukeRiverside Cricket Club36.10
73 Marsden, JohnathanSouth Launceston Cricket Club45.80
74 Considine, RikMowbray Cricket Club35.20
75 Harris, SeanSouth Launceston Cricket Club74.70
76 Rand, HarrySouth Launceston Cricket Club24.60
77 Lloyd, JoelWestbury Shamrocks Cricket Club 14.20
78 Manktelow, JontyWestbury Shamrocks Cricket Club 54.00
79 McCoy, JohnSouth Launceston Cricket Club43.90
80 Chugg, ConradWestbury Shamrocks Cricket Club 53.70
81 Woolley, Samuel ESouth Launceston Cricket Club33.50
82 Simpson, JamesRiverside Cricket Club13.10
83 Donaldson, Graham DSouth Launceston Cricket Club23.00
84 Woolcock, RubenRiverside Cricket Club33.00
85 Elliston-Buckley, SamuelLaunceston Cricket Club22.60
86 Conway, EthanLaunceston Cricket Club12.40
87 O'Toole, JacksonMowbray Cricket Club22.40
88 Hayes, Cooper JMowbray Cricket Club22.20
89 Barrett, DominicWestbury Shamrocks Cricket Club 11.90
90 Evans, Cobey SMowbray Cricket Club21.80
91 Tuck, KurtisMowbray Cricket Club21.70
92 Lee, JamesSouth Launceston Cricket Club21.50
93 Beattie, WilliamSouth Launceston Cricket Club11.30
94 Morehouse, Patrick JLaunceston Cricket Club11.00
95 Quilliam, Zayvier HMowbray Cricket Club11.00
96 Hunt, JackRiverside Cricket Club10.80
97 Tindall, CharlesSouth Launceston Cricket Club10.40
98 Partridge, JoshuaRiverside Cricket Club10.20
99 Manix-Geeves, SamRiverside Cricket Club10.20
100 chhetri, sagarRiverside Cricket Club10.00
101 Smith, Jeremy ASouth Launceston Cricket Club10.00
102 Nichols, Andrew WSouth Launceston Cricket Club00.00
103 Griffin, JoeWestbury Shamrocks Cricket Club 00.00
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Points allocation
Runs 0.10 Catches 1.00
Unassisted Wickets (b, lbw) 2.00 Assisted Wickets 1.00
Unassisted Runouts 2.00 Assisted Runouts 1.00
100s 10.00 50s 5.00
Stumpings 1.00 5 wkts in Innings 5.00
Not outs 1.00