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Champion Player

Grade Type 
Match Format 

 PlayerClubMatchesSorted descending. Click again to sort ascending.Points
1 Garwood, Thomas WRiverside Cricket Club448.40
2 Smith, Rowan WLaunceston Cricket Club540.70
3 Anderson, DaneWestbury Shamrocks Cricket Club 435.10
4 Philip, NathanSouth Launceston Cricket Club224.40
5 Anthes, CooperRiverside Cricket Club424.40
6 Lockhart, Connor IMowbray Cricket Club523.10
7 Spinks, BenMowbray Cricket Club523.00
8 Spencer, Nicholas WWestbury Shamrocks Cricket Club 522.50
9 Oldenhof, Zachary JLaunceston Cricket Club522.40
10 Freestone, JoshSouth Launceston Cricket Club321.90
11 Donaldson, Graham DSouth Launceston Cricket Club321.50
12 Scott, Luke AMowbray Cricket Club521.00
13 New, PeterRiverside Cricket Club420.70
14 Humphrey, Benjamin JLaunceston Cricket Club520.10
15 Stubbs, LyndonRiverside Cricket Club420.10
16 Pooley, Rohan CMowbray Cricket Club419.60
17 Donald, WilliamWestbury Shamrocks Cricket Club 516.60
18 Elliston-Buckley, SamuelLaunceston Cricket Club515.70
19 Kerrison, AlexWestbury Shamrocks Cricket Club 515.30
20 Freeman, SamuelMowbray Cricket Club514.30
21 Marsden, JohnathanSouth Launceston Cricket Club214.30
22 Bennett, FletcherLaunceston Cricket Club512.70
23 Stevenson, Sean AWestbury Shamrocks Cricket Club 512.30
24 Morris, Jakeb WLaunceston Cricket Club512.20
25 Midson, LukeRiverside Cricket Club411.90
26 Hayes, SpencerMowbray Cricket Club411.40
27 Waller, Tom ASouth Launceston Cricket Club311.30
28 Mason, JaredWestbury Shamrocks Cricket Club 511.10
29 Lee, JamesSouth Launceston Cricket Club210.70
30 Conway, EthanLaunceston Cricket Club510.30
31 Jackson, Benjamin ASouth Launceston Cricket Club310.30
32 Curran, JamesLaunceston Cricket Club29.50
33 Fraser, CampbellWestbury Shamrocks Cricket Club 59.40
34 Peck, Callum David GrantMowbray Cricket Club59.30
35 Howe, Richard PWestbury Shamrocks Cricket Club 58.40
36 Partridge, JoshuaRiverside Cricket Club47.90
37 Chapman, JonathonWestbury Shamrocks Cricket Club 37.80
38 Briggs, Corey WWestbury Shamrocks Cricket Club 27.70
39 Artis, SamuelRiverside Cricket Club47.70
40 Scott, SolomonRiverside Cricket Club47.10
41 Banks, HarrisonLaunceston Cricket Club27.00
42 Carter, NathanSouth Launceston Cricket Club36.50
43 Williams, JakeWestbury Shamrocks Cricket Club 15.90
44 Bodha, BenMowbray Cricket Club55.90
45 Watson, RhysMowbray Cricket Club45.70
46 Smith, DanielLaunceston Cricket Club35.60
47 Chugg, ConradWestbury Shamrocks Cricket Club 25.50
48 Cassidy, BlakeMowbray Cricket Club25.20
49 Evans, Coby SMowbray Cricket Club15.00
50 White, Clayde TLaunceston Cricket Club25.00
51 Storay, JamesMowbray Cricket Club14.90
52 Wood, OliverWestbury Shamrocks Cricket Club 24.70
53 Jackson, Jeremy PSouth Launceston Cricket Club24.60
54 Lynch, Cameron JLaunceston Cricket Club54.40
55 Canny, SamMowbray Cricket Club33.70
56 Harris, SeanSouth Launceston Cricket Club33.60
57 Simpson, JamesRiverside Cricket Club43.40
58 Beattie, WilliamSouth Launceston Cricket Club23.40
59 Homan, JesseRiverside Cricket Club33.30
60 chhetri, sagarMowbray Cricket Club23.20
61 Hume, Kieren EWestbury Shamrocks Cricket Club 43.00
62 Jillett, Damien JLaunceston Cricket Club13.00
63 Lloyd, JoelWestbury Shamrocks Cricket Club 32.90
64 Bennett, Thomas CLaunceston Cricket Club22.60
65 Geard, LochieMowbray Cricket Club22.20
66 Newland, LachlanLaunceston Cricket Club12.00
67 LeFevre, JonathonMowbray Cricket Club11.70
68 Tindall, CharlesSouth Launceston Cricket Club31.60
69 Murfet, DanielWestbury Shamrocks Cricket Club 11.10
70 Morehouse, Patrick JLaunceston Cricket Club11.00
71 Gray, ThomasLaunceston Cricket Club11.00
72 Owens, MatthewRiverside Cricket Club40.90
73 Jarrad, Brodie ASouth Launceston Cricket Club20.80
74 Evans, Cobey SMowbray Cricket Club10.00
75 Hunt, MaxRiverside Cricket Club10.00
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Points allocation
Runs 0.10 Catches 1.00
Unassisted Wickets (b, lbw) 2.00 Assisted Wickets 1.00
Unassisted Runouts 2.00 Assisted Runouts 1.00
100s 10.00 50s 5.00
Stumpings 1.00 5 wkts in Innings 5.00
Not outs 1.00